Knowledge Framework

The Community2Go Knowledge Framework Module enables coaches, teachers and participants to collaborate on learning material. It is a simple but powerful module that allows teachers or coaches to consume and deliver expert training material to students and players.

CoachBevo2Go is an example implementation of the Knowledge Framework tailored for basketball. The framework allows the content to be changed to any sport or learning material and therefore could be used in any skills based activity.

Coach Collaboration

Coaches are able to view and collaborate on drills and lesson plans. Associations can standardise and easily push out content to their coaches. Coaches are also able to add, update and share their own drills that they've created. This gives junior coaches easy access to professional content as well as learn what drills other coaches are using.


A coach may see the need to assign a drill to a student or group of students. This may be to improve a particular skill, or simply for them to practice for the next session. Students can view the drill and record their own stats which the coach can review.

Key Features

Learning Content

Drills can be made up of documents, text content and/or a YouTube video. Lesson plans contain a number of drills in a specific order and duration. Both types of content can be given certain access privileges to restrict their usage to particular types of users.


The app framework allows coaches to collaborate with other coaches and for coaches to collaborate with students. Coaches share drills and lesson plans with each other to spread their knowledge. Coaches can also share drills with students and allow students to enter statistics.

Associations and Standards

The app allows standardisation on the drills and lesson plans exposed to coaches. This can be done at an association level or at a whole activity level. The standard content is exposed to coaches first, and can be used to ensure all participants are learning all the fundamentals the correct way.


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